This is a redesigned travel guide book of Milan targeted specifically to the young travellers. Young people are more eager to travel and moreover, they have more time for travelling. Analysing their behaviour, we decided to dedicate the contents strictly low-cost and up-to-date with the specific time of the day which if after 7pm.
The guide is cheaply purchased, easily rearranged and only focuses on the relevant contents. A5 format addresses anything that can be done free plus the coupons . A4 is separated in to eating, drinking and events which is colour divided.

// editorial

Supervisor : Cristiano Bottino (studio FM milano)
Partner : Guilia Labate
At : SPD, Milan
Client : Touring Club Italiano
Year : 2014
Font : Jigsaw Stencil by Johanna Balusikova / Knockout by Jonathan Hoefler / FF Fago by Ole Schäfer