Aoi Huber Kono Website

Web design and art direction for graphic designer and illustrator Aoi Huber Kono. Already in her 80s, she continues to work actively from her home in Novazzano, South of Switzerland and her co-owned studio in Tokyo, Japan. This portfolio website not only pictures her client-based work but also less recognised self initiated canvas work such as silkscreen, oil paintings and etching: traditional method of print production. Her particular pattern-making and lively illustrations are ever more popular in the design and graphic design industry which she has lived in alongside with some prominent and some historical figures of the past.

// web design, art direction

Graphic design & art direction : Yuta Kurimoto
Web developtment : Mosne
Client : Aoi Huber Kono
At : Freelance, Novazzano, Switzerland
Year : 2017
Font : New Paris by Swiss Typefaces, Neue Haas Grotesk by Max Miedinger & Christian Schwartz
Website :