Failures poster – Salone del Mobile 2016

This is a poster designed as part of small contribution to Salone del Mobile 2016 event Failures at Cascina Cuccagna. Mistakes are an inevitable feature in life and are often tarred with the negative brush of failure. On the other hand, prolific innovator Thomas Edison famously said his attempt to invent a light bulb took 1000 steps and he denies any failure in his numerous attempts. Rather than denying failure Edison is in fact embracing the concept and deferring from its negative connotations. In the Edison view, failure is an inevitable and indeed necessary precursor to success. This acceptance of the role of failure in successful innovation has been as important to the development of printing as it was in Edison’s work. As a result of numerous mistakes and failed product developments, images can now be printed almost perfectly at home leaving no trace of the ugly blurry effects which were once universal. The success of printing technology is rooted in past failures. This poster is a reflection of aesthetic beauty in ugly printing.

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Organiser : raumplan studio
At : Freelance, Milan
Year : 2016

Event page : Link
Press : Domus