SleepSheep is an intervention project which gives a real meaning to how important sleeping is in our life. Sleeping at right time and for right amount is important facts specially when you are a student when your whole life style will about to be settled. Survey showed how erratic students are sleeping during the week and weekend. Student lifestyle has changed in the past 20 years due to the remarkable growth of internet and increase in popularity of social networking services. Students stay awake not only for study reason. We exploited this theme on the university wall using an iconographic sheep sticker making students aware of these contemporary phenomena. Facebook page became useful to inform further information on the project where daily statistics and sleeping tips were posted on daily basis.

// intervention design

Partner : Charlotte Orsi Mazzucchelli
At : SPD, Milan
Client : none
Year : 2014
Font : Rooney by Jan Fromm

Link : SleepySheep Facebook page